Welcome to our information base. Here you will find what we are about as a gospel ministry, and what to expect when you come along to worship with us.  If you have further questions be sure to email [email protected] We look forward to seeing you in church!

To Know Christ and to Make Him known

We believe in Christ-centered preaching, earnest prayer, and compassionate pastoral care. As living finger-posts we point men and women to trust in the sufficiency of Christ, who is able to save our souls and satisfy the deep-seated needs of our hearts. 

Biblical –  we are convinced that the Bible is inerrant and the verbally [word for word] inspired word of God. In each of our church ministries we use the Authorized Version of the bible.

Presbyterian  – means we are governed by elders along with the pastor, or teaching elder.  We are a member church of the Free Presbyterian Church of North America.

Free – we are a young denomination separate from the mainline Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Evangelistic – we preach and teach that all men and women need to be born again to enter the kingdom of God. This requires personal conversion to Christ through faith in the cross-work of Christ.  We believe God calls us to reach all men by every Biblical means with the message of salvation.

Traditional –  we preach the word as the central part of worship.  We sing psalms and hymns accompanied by an organ and piano. We hold prayer meetings where each one may call on the Lord for His blessing.

Reformed – we subscribe to The Westminster Confession of Faith and Larger and Shorter Catechisms. 

Pastoral – we minister to precious souls with care and compassion as under-shepherds of the flock.

Communion – The Lord’s Supper is held during the morning service on the first Sunday of each month.  It is open to all who are born again and who maintain a clear testimony for Christ.

Baptism – Baptisms are conducted at the request of candidates. Ask for an application form from the church session.

Membership –  Membership courses are held as required. A full set of notes is available for anyone considering membership.

Learn More – Full documentation of our Doctrine and Practice can be read or downloaded at FPCNA.org  You will also find the downloadable booklet Separated Unto the Gospel for an overview of our history and practice.